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In underground jobsite logistics, it’s all about keeping the flow going and supplying construction materials, segments and other inputs in the right place at the right time. Our qualified and experienced services' specialists support you during all project stages, from reassembly on site to regular maintenance works and short-term solutions for unexpected situations.

TMS is a member of the Herrenknecht Group and offers worldwide presence and easy access to local partners for the provision of services and supply of spare and wear parts, through the group-wide network.


Multi-Service Vehicles provide a road-train truck-like driving experience. Training of your operators and maintenance crew by our experienced technicians helps boosting efficiency and ease operations in confined underground spaces.


Maintenance is a key to performant and safe equipment. Through our expert service personnel, we work hand in hand with your crews to plan maintenance in advance and are a reliable partner to maximize efficiency and availability of the equipment.

Rebuild Service

Applying reliable, industry-proven technology and components, MSVs can undergo rebuilding processes to ideally prepare them for recurring use in multiple consecutive projects. Not only for use in their original configuration: MSVs can also be adapted to new project conditions. The standard refurbishment procedure involves meticulous maintenance and replacement of defective parts followed by full commissioning and factory tests. With our vast experience, we have the capability to attend to your project’s special demands during its realization.

Rental Equipment

To ideally support short-term projects and cover unexpected requirements, the TMS service portfolio is completed by MSV rental service.