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This is us

TMS is a French member company of the Herrenknecht Group based in Le Pouzin, 30 km south of the city of Valence, France. Founded in 1996 at Aubenas, we offer more than 25 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing MSVs and other special vehicles. Our knowledge and skills are proven in more than 130 successfully completed projects with over 320 vehicles built and delivered.

The TMS premises extend over 2.5 hectares and include all installations in the office and workshop building.

Our outside installation and yard includes an extensive driving and testing area with a 90° curve and a 4% slope enabling all kinds of tests. All our vehicles undergo a complete functional factory test of braking, curve drive and speed performance before shipping to the jobsite.

The location of sales, design, purchase, administration, and quality offices in one place boosts efficiency and flexibility during the several phases of the project. Our workshop of approx. 2000 m² with 3 production lines and special areas for preassembly and refurbishment is equipped with considerable handling capacity facilitating, the continuous assembly of the vehicles. Our approx. 600 m² stock storage yard completes the installations.

Our Commitment

“Quality products made in France”

TMS is committed to the respect of ethical and human values and maintains a relationship of trust with our customers. As part of our commitment to quality “Made in France” we undertake 70% of our purchasing in France, with 40% in the local Drôme-Ardèche area, through a network of well-known and trusted partners.

This proximity enables us to work closely with our suppliers and to optimize the supply chain to the benefit of our customers, resulting in:

  • Increased quality, high reactivity and efficiency in production
  • Reduced transport costs and assured delivery times
  • Long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Wherever you are, we are committed to respecting environmental, ethical and technical principles and to maintaining the highest standards.



Herrenknecht Group


Since 2012, TMS has been part of the HERRENKNECHT Group. With the experience of more than 5,700 projects, Herrenknecht is a technology and market leader in the area of mechanized tunnelling technology.

Along with belt conveyors and other equipment, TMS Multi-service vehicles allow the optimization of TBM efficiency by providing an adapted logistic response to the tunnel boring machine needs.

Reliable and fluid logistics are crucial for highly performant TBM excavation. TMS being part of the Herrenknecht Group, the customer benefits from our deep insight and knowledge of jobsite requirements and capacity to solve the various interfaces with the TBM back-up, the belt conveyors and other equipment.

Through proactive interaction we ensure full interfacing with the Group’s other equipment.


TMS in your project


Feasibility studies and optimization of logistic

  • Study of requirements and constraints
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Planification and optimization of logistics flows
  • Engineering solution for productivity increase, cost reduction and cycle time optimization




MSVs or transport shuttles for the jobsite set-up

  • Heavy load equipment transportation, material logistics, precast elements transportation, grout transfer, TBM parts




Production vehicles:

  • Transportation from the loading place to the TBM backup
  • Heavy load transportation: segment rings, concrete mixers, tanks
  • Equipment transportation for the cross-passages
  • Personnel transportation
  • Rescue Chamber Vehicles



Post-excavation MSV intervention:

  • TBM disassembly, TBM parts transportation
  • Transport of material for final installation: ventilation, lights, rails, electrification, traffic lights, intermediate ceilings, security systems, walkways
  • Personnel transport
  • Safety and rescue vehicles



<p>24, ZI Rhône Vallée Sud</p> <p>07250 Le Pouzin, France</p>